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Pokemon Guardian of the Lost Plane Ch 13
Aaron stepped outside of the portal finding himself just off a small dirt path. He saw a castle in the distance and began walking along the path towards it. As he neared the village, he could see a cart parked off to the side. The fabric was colorful and the wheels seemed a bit worn. He knocked on the door.
“Come in.” An elderly voice went. Aaron slowly walked inside. “Hello young traveler. What can I do for thee?”
Aaron looked around the room and saw a small box of capture crystals sitting on a shelf. “Tell me about those.” He put a hand to his waist reaching for the dagger holstered in it.
“Vision crystals dear. They help you see your future.”
“Tauros.” Aaron said tightening his grip on the dagger.
“I’ve never heard such tongues before. Are you possessed? I do sell spirit tapes.” She held one up to Aaron who knocked it from her hand. In his other hand he pulled out his dagger and held it to the woman’
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Mature content
Changing Lives Ch 1 (Aaron) :icontranscodenightcat:TranscodeNightCat 5 0
Hybrid Alien Hunter Ch 14 (Aaron's Perspective)
They walked into a huge, castle-like building where two male Tetramands blocked them. “Drop your weapons now.” The caped Tetramand said walking forward. “My castle is secure enough where you won’t be needing them.”
“Are you some sort of king or something?” Lance asked looking around.
“Yes, I’m the king of Khoros. The guards will show you to your rooms. I’m sure that you’ll want to be cleaned up before dinner.” He walked off leaving the boys in the hands of the guards.
Aaron reluctantly pulled out his blaster and handed it to one of the guards. He motioned for him to follow while the other escorted Lance away. They walked down a hall before stopping at a door. “Your room. Also, I have been notified that your ship has been dropped off. The palace mechanic will perform routine maintenance for you. Clean yourself up and open the door. I will take you down for dinner.” He walked out of the room and closed th
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The School for Elementals Ch. 1
The way a fight starts is typically a simple misunderstanding. A boy was punched back into the crowd who pushed him back into the circle. This is what happened to Aaron. One of his peers thought it would be funny to scream at the top of his lungs that Aaron wanted to take on Harold, the captain of the football team. Aaron was not big or all that strong, but he was agile. He dodged a punch directed for his face.
“I didn’t want to fight.” Aaron said wiping off some of the blood on his face and kicking Harold in the side.
“Too bad.” He slammed his fist into Aaron’s back and knocked him to the ground. Harold continued his assault kicking Aaron while he laid on the ground.
Aaron did not move trapped in a petrified state. His yellow eyes shut themselves. Everything feels so cold. Am I going to die? The kicking stopped. What’s going on? He stopped kicking. Everyone’s voices feel so much smaller. Aaron opened his eyes slowly. Everyo
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Bullets and Arrows intro/ Ch. 1
Honestly, I've been working on this one for a little while, and I've been debating whether or not to publish it. Finally, I said screw it and decided to post it. Tell me what you think.
The late 2010s were a wild time. The weapon of old, the bow, was gaining popularity once more. Heroes like Hawkeye and Katniss Everdeen made people want to use these weapons, to show their superiority, and inadvertently start a war. It all started with a simple video posted online. A world-class archer posed a challenge to a world-class gunman, to prove which weapon was better. The two stood in front of each other wearing the basic uniforms of their skill. They readied their weapons, a simple handgun versus a longbow. The archer pulled back with all of his might while the gunman cocked his gun and took careful aim. The metal tipped arrow went flying as did the heated metal of the bullet. Both fighters were masters of their craft, their aim was nothing but perfect, their weapons were crafted from
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Slade's Next Apprentice Ch 24
Aaron walked into his room and dropped his backpack on his bed. Draped over his desk chair was a black suit bag, and on his desk was a shoebox. Slade’s face appeared on the screen.
“I’m getting tired of that.” Aaron said unzipping the bag and pulling out the black suit. He looked at the sleeves. “There’s no room for my wrist gauntlets.”
“Do you know how hard it is to get a custom fit Italian suit here in less than a week?” Slade asked crossing his arms. “Sometimes, you just need to look nice.”
“I’m putting blades in the shoes.” Aaron said opening up the box.
“Already taken care of.” Slade said knowing Aaron’s habits. Aaron clicked the shoes and watched the blades pop out. “Nice, aren’t they? Handmade in Germany.”
“Very.” Aaron responded watching the blades retract.
“The dance is tomorrow night. Make sure that you’re ready.” The video call
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Getting to Live with Pokemon Ch 1
Has ABDL content. If you don't like it, don't read it.
Aaron sat by his computer playing a Pokémon ROM hack. He had grown tired of playing Pokémon traditionally and started playing ROMs to try and supplement the mainstream ones. It was almost like he was trying to find the same joy he found in Pokémon when he was a kid. His character walked into the forest where he caught a glimpse of a Pokémon running by him. He followed after it in his attempts to progress in the story. He saw the path it went down and followed after it until he came to a clearing.
He saw the Pokémon, Arceus, standing there as a text bubble appeared on the screen. I’m glad that you followed me, Aaron. I know that you were hoping to continue with your game, but I need you to come with me.
The text bubble confused Aaron. He was then hit with a blinding light from his computer screen. He tried to shield his eyes with no luck. Then everything around him went dark as he passed
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Professor Sycamore's Aide Ch. 1
Just another Pokemon fic. I've been getting a bit bored lately.
A boy walked down the street with a bag over his shoulder. Over his yellow eyes were a pair of dark sunglasses. On his left hand was a leather biker glove with a key stone embedded into it. He was wearing black jeans and a gray t-shirt. He approached a large building that looked like a mansion and walked to the front door. He took a deep breath before knocking on the door.
“Hello.” A woman with long black dark blue hair said adjusting her glasses. “Can I help you?”
“I was wondering if Professor Sycamore was available.”
“Yes, he is. Please come in and wait while I go get him.” She walked down the hall leaving Aaron inside where he looked around the room. He took notice of a Chespin sitting in a chair playing with a ball.
“Hi there.” A voice said shifting Aaron’s attention to a man wearing a blue shirt and a lab coat. “I’m Professor Sycamore
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The Journey of a Wielder Ch 1
Just a little Pokemon fic that I've been working on. Enjoy, I guess.
A boy ran down the streets of a small village with an Emolga gliding beside him. Others watched as he entered a small house at the end of the street; it belonged to the village elder. As the boy entered through the gate and the front door, an elderly woman sitting at a table in the dining room greeted him. “Aaron, tea?” She asked pouring herself a cup.
“Yes, please.” He said taking a seat. His Emolga climbed on to the table and stood nearby its partner. He instinctively ran his fingers through the mess of short brown hair on his head.
“And I suppose that you want something too?” She smiled filling a small dish with tea and setting it in front of the Emolga along with a biscuit. She pet its head before it began dipping its biscuit in the tea and began to nibble.
“He usually isn’t that fond of others.” Aaron said sipping his tea.
“He knows who he needs t
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Gym Leader/Admin Application
Gym Leader:
Please send your request through notes to myself :icontranscodenightcat: or another admin.
Gym type (ice, fire, grass, fairy, pink Pokemon, orange Pokemon, etc.):
Battle style (Double, single, multibattle, etc.):
An idea of where you would like to build it (Coordinates or have an admin come to look at the area):
Badge that you want (Can be found in the Pixelmon Wiki):
Note: You need to be a fairly active player and you need to be ready to take a challenge.
You are also allowed to be a gym leader, actually preferred.
Simply submit a reason to want to be an admin and what you will do to make the community better.
Note: You need to be ready to handle conflict resolution, you need to be able to repair structures, know commands, and have a good sense of judgement. You also need to welcome new players and help wherever you can.
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A Quick Mod Installation Guide
I threw this together pretty fast, so if you have questions or concerns, comment or message me.
    Okay, so you actually need to download forge first Go to 1.10, scroll down and click on version 1.10.2. Pixelmon recommends the latest version. Click on installer. Wait for the ad to finish and then download it.
    For pixelmon, go to the pixelmon website,, go to downloads and download the latest recommended version. Make sure to wait for the ads to pass. Be careful what you click on. Repeat this for any sidemods needed.
    For the actual installation, you need to have run version 1.10.2 first.
    1.      Open the minecraft launcher.
    2.      Click on launch options
    3.      Click add new.
    4.      For ve
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Server Teaser 3 The Battle Tower :icontranscodenightcat:TranscodeNightCat 0 2 Server Teaser 2 :icontranscodenightcat:TranscodeNightCat 1 3 Server Teaser 1 :icontranscodenightcat:TranscodeNightCat 0 0
Virus Merge Prologue/ Ch.1
Just a new Megaman fanfiction that I've been working on. I've also been working on making my stories longer.
It was a stroke of pure luck, possibly fate that they met. Two people started work on the same project, but at different ends. They both succeeded on their parts, and it was only natural for the pieces of the puzzle to come together…
A boy a little older than twelve sat by his computer typing in a private chatroom. The VacuumProg is working. I’ve already collected three viruses.
The man on the other end of the screen read the message and typed his response. The boy’s yellow eyes flicked back and forth reading the message. Excellent. For one so young in years you show great potential. I feel that it’s time that the talking here comes to a stop and begins in the real world. I’ll send an address and time. If you show up, our work will continue. If not, I’ll understand. Thank you for your time Aaron.
Another message con
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Maybe if You Could See it Through my Eyes Ch2
Sorry that this chapter is a bit shorter. I put a lot of time into the prologue, and thought that it could not go without an actual chapter.

One year had passed.
A boy walked down the street. His jacket was black with accents of silver lining it. His jeans were black leading down to his black and white sneakers. On his waist were five pokeballs. All of them had custom silver plating that refused to chip. On his back was a shoulder strap backpack. Holstered onto it appeared to be some sort of rifle. The rifle was old snagging technology from Team Cipher integrated into a high-powered rifle that could capture its target from a distance. His eye remained covered by bandages while the other scanned the streets.
The boy walked by a wall with a wanted poster on it, for him. He went to a hotdog stand and paid for his meal. He sat down on a bench to enjoy his hotdog. He watched children play in the fountain nearby.
His relaxation was short-lived as three p
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Okay, well I updated my Harry Potter fanfiction. I'm keeping it exclusive to unless there is an actual want for it to be on here. I'm not sure if anyone cares about it, but here's a link to it…

Feel free to comment on this journal and tell me what you think.


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I can not draw for my life. I am on with the same username if you want to find me in other places. I am a huge Megaman Starforce fan if you couldn't tell by my profile picture.

I am on here and with the same name. Here's a link:

I am fairly secretive, but what I actually do tell people is the truth. My age, gender, and everything on this profile is 100% real.

My name is Aaron. I know that using my own name in a fanfiction makes me a dorky fanboy, but I suck at coming up with new names, and not a lot of people use Aaron as a name in their fanfictions, so it makes my fanfictions unique. Plus if someone tries to steal it I can be like "That's my fanfiction my name is all over it."

Message me if you want to talk about something. I will respond.

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I felt better after watching this video. Sometimes this feels like me. Other times, it's what I see in other people's writing.

Do not take offense to this. We all make mistakes in our work. It's when it repeats itself that I get ticked.
Minecraft server is back on track. Might post some pictures or do a stream at some point.


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