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The Journey of a Wielder Ch. 5
Aaron stood at the edge of Lake Verity. He walked through the night to be there. He saw the cave formation resting in the center of the lake. Without another thought, he jumped into the water and started swimming; his Emolga sat on his back trying not to get wet. Aaron stood by the entrance to the cave a little tired, but he still had enough energy to fight as he unsheathed his sword. He looked at his Emolga. “Let’s get it.” He charged forward into the cave ready for a fight.
He halted his attack seeing a fainted Pokémon and a man standing over it. He ran behind a boulder hoping to hide.
The man did something to the Pokémon. He now held a power stone in his hand, brushed back a few strands of aqua colored hair, and placed it in a gold bracelet. “Come out of there. I know you are there.”
Reluctantly, Aaron stepped out from behind the boulders. He held his sword in his hands ready to fight. The man started to laugh. “What’s funny!?
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EM Wave Duel Ch. 2
Geo and Sonia sat in a cell isolated from the outside world. They sat on the edge of a bed, the only activity to do was to talk. “You okay?” Sonia asked putting a hand on Geo’s shoulder. Geo seemed to be taking things harder. He had his head down staring at his Hunter fearing he lost all communication to his friends, his family, and his home.
“I’m okay.” Geo was trying to hide his emotions with little success. It was not in his personality.
“Come on kid, spill.” Omega-Xis said materializing from his Hunter.
“I’m just worried that we won’t get home.” Geo sighed wiping a few tears from his eyes.
“Don’t do that, Geo.” Omega-Xis said putting a claw on his shoulder. “We’ve been in tougher spots before. We’re going to get out of here one way or another.”
“Mega’s right.” Sonia said. “Let’s take our mind off that and look at the positive. I never did g
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Mature content
Request for Anarchyanubis :icontranscodenightcat:TranscodeNightCat 4 3
Mature content
Request for that1guyfromschool2 :icontranscodenightcat:TranscodeNightCat 4 1
Mature content
Pets For Aliens Ch. 2 :icontranscodenightcat:TranscodeNightCat 10 2
The Creatures Inside Ch. 3
Shada held the reins driving the carts while Kaiba and Mana watched the children sitting in the back. Kaiba stared at Alpha, Gamma, and Beta, the newest additions to the collection of children. He watched them toss a ball to each other in a circle. Their movements were calculated, they were entirely focused on the game they were playing. Meanwhile, Mana was resting in the back of the cart. Joseph was playing by himself in a corner of the cart.
Kaiba looked at the three boys. “Alpha!” The boy immediately whipped around. Meanwhile, Gamma threw the ball at him knocking him down. The ball rolled around the cart and landed near Joseph.
The three boys turned to him watching him carefully as he held the ball in his hands. “Here.” Joseph tossed the ball back to them. Gamma caught it in his hands.
“Maybe you three should let Joseph play with you.” Kaiba said looking at them. The boys immediately rearranged themselves allowing room for Joseph to join them.
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Mature content
Pets for Aliens Ch. 1 :icontranscodenightcat:TranscodeNightCat 17 1
EM Wave Duel Ch. 1
Geo sat at Spica Mall with his friends, Luna, Bud, Zack, and Sonia. It had been a while since the group hung out together. Currently, the group was enjoying burgers and fries together. “This is nice.” Luna smiled picking at her french-fries.
“So when’s the next bad guy rolling in?” Omega-Xis asked from Geo’s Hunter.
“Let’s not worry about it right now.” Geo whispered trying to enjoy the time with his friends.
Almost on cue, Geo, Bud, and Sonia’s Hunters started to ring. “Looks like I spoke too soon.” Omega-Xis chuckled to himself. “Looks like the chief needs you at WAZA.”
“Let’s get going.” Geo sighed standing up.
“It’s okay, Geo. We’ll get to hang out at some point.” Sonia smiled trying to cheer her friend up.
“Yeah.” Geo smiled a little following the group out of Spica Mall.
Soon enough, the group found themselves in the WAZA control room. The chie
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The Creatures Inside Ch. 2
The moon shined brightly in the night sky along with the many stars that surrounded it. Kaiba sat at the front of the cart with the reins in his hands. He looked back into the cart and saw Mana, Shada, and Joseph resting. Kaiba yawned fighting his need for sleep as they continued onward. They had been travelling for days heading for a small city north of the palace.
Joseph stirred in his sleep opening his eyes a little. He moved closer to the front of the cart yawning loudly. Kaiba turned around and looked at him. “You should be asleep.”
“Are we almost there?” Joseph asked rubbing his eyes.
“We’ll be there by morning.” Joseph crawled to the front of the cart and took a seat at the front with Kaiba. He sighed looking down at the small boy. “Would you like to steer?”
“I don’t know how.” Joseph sighed.
Kaiba smiled putting a hand on his shoulder. “I’ll show you.” He moved Joseph to his lap. “Gr
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Mature content
The Cat Boy's Babysitter 2 :icontranscodenightcat:TranscodeNightCat 11 2
Mature content
The Cat Boy's Babysitter :icontranscodenightcat:TranscodeNightCat 8 3
Mature content
The Witch's Cottage Ch. 2 :icontranscodenightcat:TranscodeNightCat 8 2
Virus Merge Ch. 3
Aaron sat in class with his head down at his desk. He was frustrated. He had spotted Megaman on the wave road several times. He was envious. Each time he would ask Juliette to engage him, but she would deny him permission instead telling him to do recon; the orders came from Cain and were to be strictly enforced unless the situation was life threatening to them.
“You okay?” Juliette tapped his shoulder lightly.
“I’m fine.” He mumbled with his head still down. “Just waiting for the day to be over.” Juliette walked away when she saw a student raising their hand.
The day eventually ended; Aaron walked home with Juliette and Alexis. When they opened the door to the apartment, Byron was sitting on the couch watching TV. “You guys finally got back.” He smiled walking over to them giving each of them a hug. He hugged Aaron last. “Happy to see me?” He nodded his head smiling a little bit. “Go get your homework done and we
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Slade's Next Apprentice Ch. 25
Aaron closed a briefcase and set it on his bed. “Last thing I leave here.” He sighed looking out the window; the sun was not up yet. He grabbed his remaining bags, dropped his key on the desk, and took one more glance at the room. His side was now barren except for the briefcase. Rammage was fast asleep on the other side. “Goodbye.” He walked out of the room and closed the door without another word.
Aaron walked into his old room and started to unpack his things. “Welcome home.” Slade said leaning against the door to his room. Aaron remained silent putting clothes in his drawers. Slade grew irritable punching him to the ground. “Your manners have certainly deteriorated. We’ll work on that. When you finish unpacking, come to the training room, no weapons.” He walked off leaving Aaron on the floor.
“I didn’t miss that.” He forced himself off the ground and continued putting his clothes away. He placed his weapons by
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The Journey of a Wielder Ch. 4
Aaron’s eyes opened slowly. Byron looked at him relieved. “You’re awake. You scared me.”
“Sorry, I was just really tired.” He put a hand to his forehead feeling the cloth on it.
“So this is what you were looking for?” Byron pointed to the metal egg peaking from his bag. Aaron nodded his head. “Looks like you went through a lot to get it.”
“I did.” He reached into his still damp pocket and felt the stone inside it. “When can we head back?”
“I was waiting on you, but first you should thank that Qwilfish. It helped me get you out of there.”
“Where is it?” He looked around.
“It’s outside. It’s waiting for you.”
“Get the boat ready. I want to leave right after.” He stood up slowly and walked outside. He saw the Qwilfish waiting by the shore. “You want to battle or you want me to catch you?” It growled at him shooting a few spikes on to t
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The Creature's Inside Ch. 1
Kaiba walked down the streets of the village with Shada by his side. “What are you looking for Seto?”
“There have been reports of a shadow creature, the black dragon with red eyes. I want to add it to my collection.” He scanned the streets looking for any abnormalities and dark feelings in the people.
“Come back when you can earn some money!” A young boy was thrown out of a house while his father closed the door locking him out.
Kaiba looked at the dirt on his face, the visible bruises on his body, and the torn rags that served as his clothing. He banged on the door for a bit longer before walking away looking dejected. “Shada, let’s follow him.”
“Do you think he has the shadow creature?”
“We’ve had no luck up to this point. I’ll try anything.” Kaiba started following after the boy with Shada. He ran down an alley trying to keep up with the boy so he would not lose him. He eventually caught up to
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I have no idea why I keep bringing this thing up, but it's something I want to happen and actually work out this time. Obviously, I am no longer core, so polling is no longer an easy option. Then again, I didn't really like using polls for most things.

So I narrowed my choices of mods for the server between two different Minecraft versions. If you are interested in the server I would like for you to review the mods I have selected, ask questions if necessary and decide which one you would rather play. Also, you can suggest mods or mods I should remove to make it more appealing.

Again, if you have questions, please ask.

Version 1.10.2: One of the newer Minecraft versions so obviously more vanilla blocks, items and mobs.
Cyberware: I thought this mod was pretty cool. You can augment your body with cybernetic enhancements. It can be kind of tech oriented finding items to get recipes and then actually deciding how to augment your body with those parts.
Evilcraft: A staple mod in my life. It has a wonderful combination of tech and magic and it functions so well with other mods, I rarely exclude it from my games.
Mo' Creatures: This mods adds a bunch of new mobs, items, and a new world for wyverns. It makes saddles craftable which I know people like. The amount of creatures and animals is definitely astounding. Breeding is a big part of this mod. I am not a fan of the core mod which integrates all of the other mods I am using. Certain creatures spawn in places I didn't think they could spawn, but it's not a huge deal.
Grapple Hooks: This mod adds grapple hook guns to the game which can grab mobs and take the player to the grappled location.
Just Enough Items: This is just a crafting guide to help instead of always having to go to the wikis for recipes.
Not Enough Potions: It adds more potions and effects. I would argue against the complexity of potion recipes and the fact that they don't appear in the JEI interface. I am debating about keeping this mod.

Version 1.7.10: A golden age for Minecraft mods. The simplicity of this version is something that I enjoy over other versions.
Evilcraft: A staple mod in my life. It has a wonderful combination of tech and magic and it functions so well with other mods, I rarely exclude it from my games. This one is missing a few features from the 1.10.2 version, but it's still a great mod.
Witchery: An incredible mod that overhauls the game with magic. It adds potions, mobs, turns the villages to kingdoms, adds worlds, bosses. It's an all around great mod. However, a lot of things will require you to go to the website to see recipes or guides for it. It's not a huge deal.
Mine and Blade BattleGear 2: This mod adds dual wielding and weapon and tool specific hotkeys. It also adds the quiver and modified arrows. It definitely handles dual wielding better than newer versions.
Craftguide: An item crafting guide. It's not as nice as JEI. I couldn't get NEI to work on this version, but craftguide does the job nonetheless.
More Swords Mod: Exactly what it sounds like. This mod adds a bunch of swords to use. Of course, zombies can also get them, so it can be a win-lose situation.

Other mods I considered/ am considering:

Lycanite's Mobs (Both Versions): I really like this mod, but the lag it can cause can ruin the game. The best way to correct this is to configure it, but it creates so many config files that it can take a while to properly balance.
Megaman Mod (1.7.10): I am a Megaman fan. That's reason enough to consider it. It's a beta though. Some of the items are buggy, the biomes it creates can span for a while. I would have to run this mod on its own server to even consider it.
Naruto Mod (1.7.10): Again, this mod is a beta. It has issues that I have experienced first hand. The only way to consider this mod would be to make it the only one on the server.
MCheli (1.7.10): This mod adds a ton of planes, sea, and land vehicles. The only reason to exclude it is because it can make the game unfair for some people.
Securitycraft (1.7.10): This mod adds indestructible blocks, tasers, locking systems, inventory scanners and a bunch of other security items. Sometimes I feel like this mod can help the game or break it.
Richard's Coffee and Tea (1.7.10): Adds coffee and tea drinks that grant speed and regen effects. It adds a nice farming component and classy atmosphere to the game. Some people think it's a waste of space.
Galacticraft (1.7.10): This mod adds space items and space travel and factions. It's very techy. The only thing to go against is how much it expands the world, but honestly, that isn't usually an issue.

Once again, If you have questions about the mods, recommendations for mods or mods I should remove, please tell me. Also, don't forget to tell me which version you want to play.

Feel free to tell your friends if you think they might be interested. I'm not going to exclude anyone.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
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I can not draw for my life. I am on with the same username if you want to find me in other places. I am a huge Megaman Starforce fan if you couldn't tell by my profile picture.

I am on here and with the same name. Here's a link:

I am fairly secretive, but what I actually do tell people is the truth. My age, gender, and everything on this profile is 100% real.

My name is Aaron. I know that using my own name in a fanfiction makes me a dorky fanboy, but I suck at coming up with new names, and not a lot of people use Aaron as a name in their fanfictions, so it makes my fanfictions unique. Plus if someone tries to steal it I can be like "That's my fanfiction my name is all over it."

Message me if you want to talk about something. I will respond.

I'm a Little (adult baby) Stamp by CupOfMapleCoffee Stamp Emolga by RIOPerla Male Emolga Stamp by PurelyWhiteButterfly Emolga Fan Stamp 2 by PurelyWhiteButterfly Gamecube Lover Stamp by Sora05


I'm on Furaffinity now!
I'm posting less stuff there, mostly things I think are good enough to be posted. I'm just looking to see where things go. This is my page if any of you are interested.…
All ABDL content in my gallery now has a strict, mature content filter on it. I am so tired of watching people get called out on mature content filters. Also, I do not condone underage users looking at this stuff. Wait until you are eighteen or browse the site as a guest who lies about their age to slip past the filter. I hope you guys are not that mad at me, but I am trying to protect myself at this point.
Just watched the new Pixelmon trailer. I'm actually excited enough to want to play some of the new betas that are coming out. They're capping off gen 4 which means Rotom, one of my favorite Pokemon. They're also adding Victini from Gen 5 which is one of the cutest legendaries. Shaymin is still cuter. Berry trees are out now which is really cool. All they need to do now is to update the Eevee textures.
Really want to reopen my minecraft server, but I need some interest and probably a lot of plugs (That's how I got more interest the last time).
It doesn't have to be Pixelmon. I realized that it can lag for some of you quite a bit.
Humble Bundle is having a pretty big sale right now in the store. I'm not talking about the bundles, I'm talking about the store. If you have some money and you want some games for good prices and you want to give to charity, check it out. It only has 3 hours left. I should have posted this sooner...

Really wanted Portal Knights, but it's not on sale...


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